Gurmukhi Letter Set with 10x10" Board

Gurmukhi Letter Set with 10x10" Board


Gurmukhi letter set and 10x10"Oak frame, black felt letterboard with stand.

  • Product Description

    Now you can incorporate the beautiful script language of Gurmukhi into your everyday lives! Use with your favorite letterboard and share the gift of Gurmukhi

    This starter pack includes one 10 x 10 inch Oak feltboard with black felt and over 450 characters of custom designed Gurmukhi letterboard characters in a sturdy, pure white plastic resin. This letter set was meticulously designed to both accomodate the complex structure of the Gurmukhi script and make it easy to use. Each letter is provided in both "muktha" form (no accents) and it's corresponding "moharni" (accent combinations) for a simplified application. 

    Looking for just the letter set without a feltboard?
    This letterset works with any letterboard you may already have. If you'd like to purchase just a set of Gurmukhi letters, check out our other product:

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